If You Are @3rd I Am @ 4th!

Vaccine Dose vs Virus Wave

The Second Wave and Third Wave virus has been threatening people for some time. All other countries are trying to combat the vaccine with first dose, second dose and third dose. Corona Third Wave is already running in some countries. In return – some countries are giving a third dose vaccine called a booster dose. Those who took the vaccine a long time ago … are now giving this booster dose to everyone over 50, 60 years.

If You Are @3rd I Am @ 4th! 1

Countries like Israel are far ahead of everyone else when it comes to vaccines. The third dose was also given to many there. However – in most countries the third dose vaccine is not given to everyone. Given only to the elderly, those with low levels of antibodies. However, in Israel this extra dose is also prepared for everyone over the age of 12.

England has decided to give the third dose only to those over 50 years of age, especially those who are immunocompromised. A third dose has been introduced in Singapore for all 60-year-olds who are already immunocompromised.

On the one hand, this vaccine is a series of doses … on the other hand, the virus is also heard in his throat. The words Four Wave are heard. You mean 3, I mean 4 … the virus seems to be playing havoc with the man.

When will the actual competition stop? – That is to say, slowly it will come to an end. How Many Antibodies Are There In A Man? What are they? Can they fight the virus? – Determining that is a complicated matter. Because when it comes to different variants … which variant can any antibody resist? That’s hard to say! However … it can be said that mankind has tackled this dangerous virus as soon as possible … effectively.

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