Yes Facebook, Young Guys Are Leaving Away!


Older people feel that Facebook is probably follwed by the teengers most. But its not truw. The number of teenagers using Facebook is decreasing year by year. This trend was caught Last year actually, whaterevr may be reasons for this, this continues. This phenomenon of losing customers is more rapid than expected. Next year, Facebook surely has a chance to lose more percentage of young users.

When young people are studying how much they like Facebook – many wonders are revealed. There are so many strange results. The age group of 12 to 17 years in Facebook used the Facebook – compared with the older year – by 9.9 per cent in 2017. Over the age of 12-17, Facebook has a total of more than twenty million people. In numbers, fourteen lakh young users have put Facebook on their side!

Analyzing the reasons for this is happening … 12-17 years old children – entertaining activities are very high. By studying that Facebook is putting aside Facebook – because outsiders make them more enjoyable than sharing them with friends and relatives. And if Facebook is taken on social media – it’s all recorded! Every time a Facebook user is done, everything is saved, including time. This is something that is very disturbing to privacy. So Facebook does not like many teenagers. Take the same sapphachat, instagram … where videos and videos are shared, our traces are less likely. That’s why the newly-privileged ones now leave Facebook and say that other social networks are pursuing another reason.

Not even 12-17 years old, even young children under 11 are gradually leaving Facebook. (That is why do not need to have a Facebook account at least 13 years old, in many ways, even young children are joining Facebook!) In the age of 18-24, there are a number of Facebook accounts.

So … as per the study Facebook is mostly used by the younger people who crossed their teens and middle-aged people. It does not even mean that the teenagers have escaped from social media editions as they left Facebook. That means leaving Facebook and going back to the rest of the tracks!

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