Wrong Writings On Pawan And Renu


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“Then Pawan has not accepted my wishes. Now I will fulfill them – Renu Desai” is the title of an article in the web. What does anyone feel when he reads this? What does the subject matter really, mean? In fact, there is nothing wrong with this news. That’s what the news reads. It does not mean reading. That is the introspection of the so-called social journalists of today’s today!

Web sites and YouTube channels are increasing day by day, the need for journalists is increasing, and everybody who knows four characters is a journalist. Journalism does not mean that the message is impressive. It has some limitations.

In the Main Stream Channels, even though honesty purity has been reduced in websites, many media organizations still follow some minimum standards. But now there are people who do not even have basic training – journalism, social networks, and many journalists who are now on YouTube channels. Niti, what is the most, the attraction and the lack of awareness among many – those who do not have the least knowledge of language. They do not have any doubts to say that they are faking up all the media in the piles of piles. This title is the latest example.

The method of putting mad mad titles for attraction has recently risen. It is coming and comes out. A website has been named as the worst title by Renu Desai about her second marriage. Do you know that title Renu Desai as a grandmother in the past when she got married to Pawan. But then Pawan was not accepted. Now this second marriage is going to get such small desires – says Renunadai. That’s the thing!

But this journalist is trying to attract the little thing to the title and get the title. The websites and channels must be exposed to the fact that people are clicked on the same footage as the original booze titles. Even if you are interested, people should avoid sponsoring pornography. It should be noted for at least some time that the title is mentioned within the title. The website or the channel should be discerned by the experience of any kind and the boycott of them. Otherwise journalism is frowning day by day.

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