Wow! One TB Memory On A Mobile Phone?

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the latest member of the Samsung family launched in August 2018 in India.


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No matter how big memory card you have on the phone … difficulties arise when installing the app. No matter how harddisk partition magix – internal memory on the phone is crucial. Although initially did not recognize this issue, the phone companies have learned the importance of internal memory. By chance, the memory is going to increase.

Initially 4 GB, 8 GB internal memory is the best – from the condition of the device – up to 256 GB of memory, the phone is given as internal memory. Apple does not offer the possibility – if on Android phones – additionally adding a micro SD card – can increase memory further. In this order a total of 1 TB memory on an android mobile phone … that means we have more than a thousand GB (1TB = 1024 GB) memory. That phone is not something else … Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung Galaxy Note Nine … This flagship phone has come into our country recently. 8 GB RAM, 512 GB ROM, 6.4 inches screen and this phone is a crazy phone. The internal memory of this phone is 512 GB. That is half of the 1 TB. The phone also has a 512 GB memory card on microSD card. That means 1 TB memory is just one mobile phone. One TB memory is one of the greatest computers ever once. Now that memory is on mobile. This does not stop at all. If the technology of holographic storage is available-we can imagine the future of the phone memory in the future, this Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is just the beginning!

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