Wisdom Behind Wink And Hug?


Rahul Gandhi today created history by hugging Narendra Modi in Parliament. Not just a hug, but also he winked his eye. After this scene, everyone begins to doubt whether Rahul Gandhi is a matured person or not.? When Rahul moved towards Narendra Modi all other BJP members, even Modi also somewhat felt doubt why he is coming to this side.? We must really say that Rahul Gandhi created a sensation in social media and TV channels by hugging prime minister Narendra Modi.

We must notice that Rahul Gandhi, after hugging Modi came quickly towards his seat. This action shocked Modi at one moment. But, in a moment of time, he called Rahul Gandhi back and appreciated him.

After coming to his seat, Rahul Gandhi winked his eye towards his members. This winked video and photos created a sensation in social media by saying Rahul Gandhi portrayed Priya Prakash Warrier’s style in parliament.

Did Rahul Gandhi really do a Matured act or not.? This is the question running in everyone’s mind. Firstly he said that calling me ‘Pappu’ is no shame for me, I will bear it for the country’s sake. By saying this words he really portrayed as a matured person. After this dialogue, he gave hug to Modi and came to his seat and winked his eye towards his members by saying that how is that shock.? This scene will create that Rahul Gandhi is not a matured, person.

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