Winning Schemes Loses EVMs

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The defeat of the defeated politicians in the margins of the defeat of the adidas, If you think in the way of imagination, it would be great to say that the government has implemented welfare schemes. Now the Andhra Pradesh chief minister Chandrababu is in the same style. One hundred and a half women have voted, yellow donkey welfare schemes and Dwarkra Mahi churches to win the victory of the government is losing to expressing it because it is because of the eMM. Whether you win by mistake, whether or not you have won through EVMs Whether it will be a win, EVMs are doing away with the election. On the one hand, the EVMs are on the other side and win over 130 seats. Whether he is winning or losing EVMs for his defeat is not his party leaders.

That’s the same song everywhere
The Congress has sung the song in the Telangana assembly polls due to the EVMs tampering. TDP is also in the hands of Andhra Pradesh. Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu, who wrote four letters during the polling period, is looking for errors on EVMs and elections. The three parties that spoke with the media were struck by the Election Commission and the State CEO. This is going to go to Delhi on Saturday for a legal battle. Fourth day before the polling, people are seeing the frustration in Chandrababu. It is at the peak of polling day. The Central Election Commission, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Telangana Chief Minister KCR and YSRCPP have been conspiring to sabotage and the CEO of the state also fully cooperates. Almost all of those remarks have come to the conclusion that he will be defeated. If people were truly satisfied with the welfare schemes he implemented, then there was no fear in the victory. It was not the people who decided to win the elections … it was the decision of EVM.

Peculiar arguments on their own officers
The Chief Minister also broke with the supervisor, LV Subramaniam, who functions as a temporary general secretary. Asked if he was in the seat of CSA, he would go to his office to meet the DGP. He is accused of facing criminal charges along with Jagan. He has been acquitted by the court in corruption cases due to his absence. Chandrababu forgets that it is the election conspiracy of Jagan along with the role of Else Subramaniam. LV Subramaniam is now untrue about honesty, but now he is a senior officer in the Chandrababu Government. Chandrababu reminds him that the disappearance of the LV Subramaniam for five years was suddenly appointed him as the Election Commission CS. It is unlikely that the electoral code will be valid when Chandrababu is in politics for forty years. For the last four to five days, he is clearly seen in a speech that is not one of the words spoken at the media meeting. Do not be selfish or guilty of losing the interval behind these words to avoid being EVMs? If it really fails, it will be Modi, KCR, Jagan, Election Commission of the Center, CEO of the state … If you win in an imaginary way, the yellow saffron, the Dwarkra churches lenders, the aging pension and other government schemes!

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