Win Or Lose.. KCR Goes Wild?

The atmosphere in Telangana – Though KCR is still good in rural areas, KCR seems to have reduced in some areas. Reports say that Telangana citizens are increasingly looking at Congress than the state-run KCR. “It is not the same, there is no opposition, I can not win a hundred and six hundred seats,” – the same level of contempt of the show – it looks like the climber. But his words say that there is no fear in him. Victory before the election Theirs? If there is no doubt in the election, it is good to have the weather like you!

Some people believe that the KCR is coming back with a low majority – some of them have been analyzing the Congress in Chhatar Border. But if anyone is to win – if KCR does not come back or come back – he will have a chance to win. Because he won. “I can not win that,” he said, “so that’s why I think I’m in Telangana. Though not so much about tyranny, decisions are likely to be unilateral.

Is it wrong to lose the KCR? Even then he can not say that he does not. Because he has a great understanding of Telangana and State calculations. That was the hero of the movement. Now that he has become chief minister, it is possible that the awareness will increase and he will be more. If he fails, he feels he will give the government the opportunity to get the job done. He has the ability and the background of the movement. So – will CM be repulsed again? Will the rise of the movement of the movement again? If it is next to it – in some form it is relied on … 2.0 As it is true that he is likely to regret!

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