Will They Get Medals If They Read Our Sports News?


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In the sports, India is leading to a more prominent position than ever. Not just cricket and hockey, but now India is competitive in badminton and tennis are also, in the world. But Indian media-sports news still does not seem to have achieved a maturity. The problem with our sports news is that it’s either exaggeratiing things or dissuading sports people! If a player or athlete succeeds, then the players are bumped up to the sky .. The same players if failed a bit, they are totally disuaded using words like – wicked, badly, can now be lifted up now? That’s why they are completely damaged with such exchanges! Our media needs to immediately correct this wrong approach in writings.

For example, Olympic World Championships, the Commonwealth Games, have won the PV Sindhu. She is currently in the silver medal at Asia Badminton. If you look at the news that is promoting her now – our media knows what it is. Sindhu’s final phobia and the semi-final came to an end but was not discouraging her from winning the finish. “Does this prove that he does not have any phobia this time? Some are very serious. “The history is going to be made up and it’s going to go up” – that is … What are these compliments – for those who read it – the abo, she has already done so much, what if she does not get golden, what’s great when it comes to silver, that’s great! “Feeling to be accurate.

The players do not know how much they will follow in the media, but it is true that they really read this sports news – certainly lose confidence. This is about sports sports that is responsible for cutting down the news and deteriorating – more mature.

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