Will TDP Join BJP Again Without Hesitation?

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Until yesterday, when we heard the name of Modi, we have seen the teddiparu factions that broke out. However, in the wake of the turn – the Telugu Desam faction seems to be slowly getting behind a crooked BJP. Many yellow sympathizers felt that Chandrababu’s big mistake was to leave the original BJP. But then – in the belief that Modi did not have the power, he wanted to spin the wheel with the Congress and Rahul at the center. Tilodakalichi as a whole, the revolutionary decision of the Congress to get together with the Congress – the TDP is not acting as the most hostile force to the BJP. Even when Chandrababu met Ramoji Rao at FilmCity … It was reported that Ramoji told Chandrababu that it would not be wise to oppose Modi.

However, after the election, Modi was in a state of disrepair and Chandrababu fell into disrepair. Pics on the opposite side, Ballenla KCR on the side, Modi as the dominant enemy. With such a hostile environment – with so many changes and unexpected developments in the Yellow Media, which is very supportive of him – Chandrababu is finally in a deadly state of affairs. As part of his chances of re-energizing under such circumstances – he says that he has been sent to the BJP as members of the Rajya Sabha.

In a recent channel – Garudapakshi Shivaji, who foresaw the future, he said he was also joining a national party. However, it is ridiculous that he is trying to create a big suspense without telling which party he will join. The two major national parties in our country. None of them will join the Congress party. So Shivaji joins the BJP saying that BJP will join.

TDP has come to say that Jagan and Modi have been pissed. But now there is no such weather. Jagan’s insistence on Special Status, as well as the Power Pact clashes … There is now a possibility of a clash between the Center and Jagan Key. One can only imagine that the TDP categories will see as much use as possible. In Telangana, even the KCR is sure to adopt an anti-Modi attitude. So, in any way, Modi’s chances of winning the pics and KCR again seems to be growing in Telugu Desam communities. This is why the BJP, which has so far switched to a no-brainer – all these categories are approaching, observers say.

It is true that all the yellow talismans of the former, Ramesh Bach, Repo Maapo Shivaji and the so-called TDP sympathizers are trying to get behind the saffron flag. It is time to decide whether to spend the pub, protect it from rivals, earn state benefits and get that credit.

However, the possibility of getting special status for Andhra Pradesh is more troubling than anyone.

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