Will Statement Of 2014 Come True In 2019?


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“There (AP) Jagan .. Here (Telangana) KCR ..” The TRS leaders announced during the 2014 election. Really, Jagan was very popular at AP. However, Jagan’s announcement that politics will last for 30 years – is that the AP is thought to have come into thinking. “Jagan is a young man .. He can give him a chance anytime .. But now Chandrababu is needed .. At this difficult time in the split of Telangana need Chandrika Babu experience ..” However, voting for Jagan is not too short. Telangana people and leaders may feel that Jagan will come to see that popularity. But the conditions are different. Burning the state badly, the joint capital of the capital, the ‘hamarabad hamara’ to tip the hearts of the minds of the heart. The sense that Jagan is in favor of KCR is one of the reasons for Jagan’s defeat.

But again, the word is saying that it will be true in 2019. Chandrababu does not show enough advances in the AP in the fourteen years, and Jagan is an immediate alternative to Jagan’s success. Even if Pawan Kalyan is in the fray, the problem that Jagan had earlier encountered is now likely to come up with Pawan. Because Jagan has no experience in 2014. Chandrababu has experience … Vote – This time … Pawan Kalyan came to politics yesterday … It seems obvious that Jagan is more likely to feel that he has been relieved from ever since. At the moment it is a situation.

If Telangana, schemes are introduced on KCR schemes and it is believed that he is going to be on the altar. The Telangana Congress leaders have made public criticisms that the KCR regime is very bad, even though they are campaigning … what can they do as a substitute for KCR? In Telangana, the Congress has no clear leadership. Many feel that this atmosphere is back to KCI. If this happened, the 2014 term will come true in 2019.

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