‘Keerthi’ Also Got Spoiled?

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Making the body work for the characters is a great thing. Is this dedication endless or too late? Whatever it is – Vikram A Muhurtana for a stranger movie, it started out as a hero, heroine and heroine. After the ‘stranger’, Vikram’s ‘I’ movie, after a bizarre experiment with Shankar and making many changes in the body, sits atop a flop. As for the heroines, we know that Anushka, who is known all over India for his excellent film like ‘Baahubali’, is embarrassed for the ‘Zero Size’. Lavai beyond the limit, the thinning again for Baahubali-2 – a number of troughs. Now sin is going to sacrifice ‘Keerthi Suresh’ in the same way again? Sounds.

The fame of Mahatmati cinema is known all over India. Miss India is a wardrobe that has to be suited to the story of the poor and the poor in dimensions and dimensions. It is said that she has already started exercising. With good Dedication and Mahanati movie name, because everyone’s eyes are on her – she is getting more Dedication. But why is it so hard to change a body for a movie that has nothing to do with it? – fans say. Anushka is showing an example of Zero Size.
Historians like Aarti Agarwal tell us how dangerous it is if heroines want to cut their body beyond the limit. So, no matter how dedicated Keerthi Suresh is to acting – if he is not careful about body and health – the entire career of a film is in danger. Fans who love her say that Keerthy Suresh should remember that Anushka has lost so many movie opportunities and almost disappeared after Zero Size.

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