Will KCR Care “The Caretaker” Limits?


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Now KCR is not a full-time Chief Minister. Due to the dissolution of the assembly – the chief minister is busy being chief minister. Though he is the Chief Minister until the election, as long as he has full power, he can not be treated with full freedom. But how libertarian the chief minister should be treated? There is a lot of discussions in the case of the usual chief minister and the chief minister of the state that there are no limitations on the powers of the chief minister. Because in the Constitution there is no clear provision in this regard. This is a good tradition, it’s a bad tradition, it’s not a matter of honor – it’s not … this should not be done … this is the unwritten rule. When it comes to decorating the job – to whom they are morally restricting their borders and going forward.

The public opinion is that the caretaker government should be somewhat lower than in full power. However, when full power is in power, and when the term itself is guaranteed to come – what chief minister will respect the limits of carer? That’s a question. That is when a caretaker Chief Minister – less likely to question the traditional limits. Because – they are not traditions – so the rules are not so!

Suppose an institution is worth Rs.10 lakh per institution. Let the head of the company go on vacation and give an inexorable post to someone else. The incentive should not be spent on all funding of the company, even though it gives full powers. It will be irrelevant. But he spent – and i spent the emergency .. I have full powers? No one can do that. The sensitive aspects of the past seem to be attending the TRARES.

Many schemes were introduced simultaneously in the state like YS, and the Progressive name of the Opposition was to be used to do nothing without KCR. With that convincingly – he went ahead with the belief that he would come back to full power, and now he is the chief minister of the caretaker. But the schemes he introduced when he was the chief minister of the past was to continue as usual during this caretaking ..? – When people think of it, the answer will be … But if they continue – those schemes are used as KCR for campaigns on behalf of TEARES, and they will be a big plus point for the next election. But the caretaker time – the election of the old public and the opposition must have the same value – until elections are won by someone else. If so, the schemes introduced in a party government, and the factors that are useful in the elections – is the continuation of the currency? The question comes up. Even if temporarily displaced those schemes, the people may not go home. Even if it is – even with the sense that they can continue with KCR, it can again be merged with KCR. In this way, it is clear that in the background that the next one has the sense of coming in – it is clear that KCR will not be reduced even during the caretaker. There is nothing special about the constitution that is a special government. What is the difference between the usual government and the KCR – “I know my limits”. It is obvious that this is not the way to prevent him.

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