Will His Death Affect AP Politics?


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A sudden shocking news of the whole of Andhra Pradesh is a shocking news. NTR’s career as a political heir has been in the dark for a long time. Eventually the tragedy of NTR fans has hurt me very much.

Own Mistake? Or Strategic?

However, Harikrishna does not have political ambitions from the beginning. It is the political analysts that he can write greatly if he can write magazines on this occasion, but in fact it is not a trait of politics. Harikrishna remained without political growth. The witness has written openly that Chandrababu is the reason for the strategy. In the context of the death of Harikrishna – the witness does not have to be mocked to refer to these matters.

Karivepaku dot com?

However, it is a matter of debate that the death of Hrithikha is now going to influence Andhra politics. Harikrishna has not been in active politics for a long time. However, analysts say that his death is definitely influenced by politics. Because – in the next few months, when Chandrababu is coming to the polls, it is necessary. Harikrishna is considered one of the opposing forces. It is said that Harikrishna has long been disturbed by his involvement in the betrayal of NTR himself. After that, Chandrababu used her to curry, and in 2009 her son Jr. NTR was also used for campaigning and he did not disregard him as well.

This is our party!

While his father’s own legacy of self-founding himself – the concept that Chandrababu had hijacked it – has always been seen in the Harikrishna community. And in this case, the untimely death of Harikrishna in this case, whether it is politically beneficial to Chandrababu .. is now in the debate. If there is hard work, it’s time to look exactly – this time against Chandrababu. Now that’s not possible. Hardly, the death of Harikrishna is truly an intolerance to all the people who want to get the NTR’s original heirs back from Chandrababu.

Could not when alive.. but…

However, in the course of the elections – Chandrababu can imagine that Chandrababu will take some action to make her sympathetic to the harmony in the background of loneliness. It encourages junior NTR .. so that you can strengthen Telugu Nadu or anybody else … It’s hard to guess now. Harakrishna, who can not survive anyway, is predictable that it is possible to change the influence of AP politics with the impact of his death. Let’s see, what will happen.

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