Will ‘Chandrababu TDP’ Be Able To Win Alone?

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The election campaign has already begun. The party is pursuing its projections for any party in public opinion. But as the political veterans like the ones being told … the election is the same as the last moment … it is likely to be the same. For example, the Jagan has seen a lot of support for the last time in the Assembly elections. But in the end, all the Godavari districts voted for Chandrababu.
An accusation from the first TDP at Chandrababu’s party is the accusation … it is the allegation … the tradition is the other one … there is nothing else that the party has never competed alone in the criticism of TDP.

As long as the Telugu Desam is under NTR, he has won all the winners. But after Chandrababu comes under the leadership – the TDP always relies on alliances with other parties – the opposition has always said that there is nothing to stand alone and win.

Whether or not the Telugu Desam groups accept or accept it – the support of the BJP and Janata Party in 2014 is the success of TDP. However, now – everybody is away from TDP. However, TDP is hoping that the Dalits and Muslim voting will be in place. Therefore, even in such circumstances – we do not have any basis, we will win this time. This is the first time that TDP has been standing in the election without any other party headed by Chandrababu. No matter how current conditions are – the conditions may change at the time of elections. Even as it is said – Chandrababu ditto in the management management. What is the party’s needs, and what kind of consequences – if anybody has any compromise with him? This time, however, it looks like he’s taking the challenge of the opposition to “let alone compete and win”. If that is true, you can not do it alone – as the Opposition alleges – ‘Chandrababu Trivandrum’ wins all the way to win the alliance. Let’s see! Taimundiga?

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