Why People Not Caring Media’s Complaints Against Jagan?

Jagan is distributing all the government money to the public … This is a real unintentional act. Andhra Pradesh is sinking in debt … Baboy is worried about the future of these people – anti-Jagan media. Really good to worry about people. No head of government distributes his own money. That’s it. But the name comes to the government. It is true that any of our politicians will make plans just to gain a good name and thus power.

What should the actual government do? Should be useful to the public. How should that happen? The immediate problems of the people must be addressed immediately. In addition, through projects, long-term projects – permanent development must be initiated. “Besides … what if the money the government has is being distributed by Cassini for the name of the people like this?” – That is the anti-Jagan‌ media argument. There really is so much thought in these words. This argument also makes sense. While there is much praise for Jagan’s schemes – it is true that there is a kind of dissatisfaction among middle class people that giving direct financial benefits to just a few in the name of backwardness can be detrimental to the growth of the state as a whole and the future of their deserving children. Despite the anti-Jagan rhetoric, people are not responding. Why? Because – the anti-Jagan media is completely ignoring two things before criticizing “this government has no vision”.

Aventante – Immediate problems … Past antics …
Now people have a lot of immediate problems. Many lives have been ruined by the corona collision. Not only the actual state, but the world itself is embroiled in a sort of financial crisis. And in a situation like this – I’m making long-term plans without doing what I can to help the affected people – immediately – that would certainly be ridiculous. If you are dying of thirst – without giving water in hand – how great is the advice to dig a nuyi … Now the advice given by the media seems to be the same. Because – more people need immediate help now than ever before. That is why people are saying jazz for pics.

And there is another thing that the media is forgetting. That is – who is the real cause of this dismal economy? That point‌. While the people are in such a predicament … if only we could help them financially – the state of Andhra Pradesh is in a state of financial crisis – and who is the reason for that? People are thinking that. Wasn’t the real reason for this miserable situation those who ruled before him? Aren’t the state divided? Who cares for power here without enforcing partition guarantees? Speaking of developing financially … Who tried to increase the assets of a few by naming the capital? People are questioning that. Isn’t it better to distribute to everyone than to actually distribute to a few? Logic is being taken. So – what good is a web site if it simply “blends in” with everything else out there? That is why no one is listening to anti-Jagan media talk. Even if any of them are a bit true!
In other words – “He has the heart to give. He is giving. What is your pain?” People say. “Jagan‍ is not giving any money of his own … it is your money” if the media is adhering to the principles of democracy … – “Yes we know. Didn’t TDP do this too? If you take our money yourself … Is it wrong if we take our money? Is this logical?” ? – And does the media have an answer to this?

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