Why Only TikTok?

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TikTok… this app has become popular with this middle class. Open it … go to school girls .. performing different body positions by talking … some gossip .. sometimes obscenity .. obscenity .. multiple times off limits … this is the world of ticketing!

If there are videos of these videos that do not have any chances of coming out of the way for newcomers who are looking for Facebook and Facebook. It’s a habit to get rid of mental disorders by watching the same videos from the past. Madras High Court Madurai Branch has been prohibited to ban the danger. In the wake of the next hearing on April 16, the court also advised media companies not to broadcast these tiktok videos in the main media.

Of course! Some people feel like a social responsibility for banning TikTok. But does ticktok alone do this work? If there is no – do you still have the apps that distribute the popularity and obscenity to the popular video sharing name? Kwai, Voot, Viu, togetU, VigoVideo, Vivavideo are so many. TikTok should also be remembered before imposing restrictions. Tell me what to do?

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