Why No Movie Dialogues In Pawan’s Meetings?


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Pawan Kalyan is a proof of the intellect of Pawan Kalyan that he does not bring the film into the political meetings, though he being star-to-politician. People always know that if they come into politics, they will not be aware of it. That’s because – something from the movie to politics is that it is more likely to go. The number of achievements is very low. But Pawan Kalyan wants to prove himself to be a great leader in politics. He also has plenty of leader features! The first proof for it … he did not use cinema dialogues in his public mates. At any point in time, he is referring to a song in a few movies. He is only concerned with patriotism and public life. He also said, “I’m a little bit too bad for me,” he says, “I’m not trending in the trend, changing trends, It refers to his political maturity.

In fact, Pawan Kalyan has some crazy dialogues in his movies in his political columns and people are sure to whistle, and he will be spoiled. That’s it! But the craze to get there is short. In other words, those dialogues will be active only for a few minutes. The leader, who is really aware of the problems of public life, has to cut down the crazy things of this kind and go to the public’s charity. Only then will he be able to become a leader in the hearts of people. Political experts believe that Pawan is dealing with maturity.
Is not it true? Today, some four cinema dialogues say, four clapping strikes … it will not be useful for him to get leadership in the long run. And he only limits people to the idea of ​​being the hero only. Pawan wants to be a serious politician. He wants to see him as well. Even if you have a lot of response from the crowd – the dialogue of the retail film is not gone.

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