Is Movie Industry Suffering from Vastu Problem?


When NTR and Nageswara Rao were in Telugu film industry, the name and fame of industry was on high and audience used to respect actors like anything. But now Tollywood film industry conditions are very bad and critical. We know that in past Telugu film industry was in Madras. People like Akkineni Nageswara Rao tried to bring movie industry to Hyderabad, of course with good intentions. But since Tollywood has come to Hyderabad, the craze and fame of the industry has been reduced.
When film industry is in chennai. People used to visit Lord Venkateswara Swamy in Tirupati, after that they went to chennai to see stars like NTR, ANR and SVR. They also treat them as gods. But the present situation is in full contradiction. Every one not even giving respect towards industry and celebrities too. We can also see at present Heroines involving in Prostitution and Heroes and technicians who were involving in Drugs Mafia. These are the signs that Tollywood industry was reducing his fame badly.
In the latest Drugs case, the Telangana government is very strict and mainly targeted film industry and also they got some powerful evidences in case. Many criminals are being exposed to people who were maintaining as celebrities.
As we think when film industry located in Chennai the Telugu industry has never had such difficulties. No problems, no issues too among actors. Some people feel that the craze is coming down since industry located to Hyderabad. Now Telugu states are broken. All are thinking to change the industry to Vizag. Lets see whether it changes the fate of Tollywood Industry.

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