Why Is Modi So Loving?

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Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said in a press conference that peace talks between India and Pakistan would be much better if Narendra Modi was once again in power in India. He needs to understand what is the logic of Imran in the original.

Imran said that if the Congress party came to power in India, it would be feasible to hold talks with Pakistan for resolving Kashmir … fearing the Hindu nationalists that Pakistan could not hold peace talks with Pakistan. If this is true, it is a Hindutva party and the BJP that blocks the Congress for peace talks should know how to proceed to the talks.

Imran also alleged that the BJP was trying to provoke Kashmiri with a proposal to raise Article 370 and 35A in Kashmir, including attacks on Kashmir and Muslims in India, as well as Muslims in India. Why does he want Modi to become Prime Minister of India once again between these allegations? How do you think peace talks are going to be better with BJP?

Political analysts say about Imran’s comments … Imran is making such comments to stop Modi from winning again. Just two years ago in Kashmir, where Pakistan is undergoing aggressive strikes, Pudwama sent the Indian Air Force once again to the POW over Modi, which means that he will be angry with Pakistan, and why he wants to come to power again? Questioning. Imran’s remarks are tactical, but it is clear that the love of peace is not love.

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