Why Amaravati Songs Remaining Lifeless?

Once upon a time, people were mad at songs of Telugu Desam party. If one sees at NTR’s cut out .. written on “Telugu desam pilustondi .. Ra .. Kadali ra”, one used to feel as if NTR himself really greets him personally. Many Telugudesam songs like Vacchindoy vacchndi Telugudesame vacchindi are still in people’s memory. But now? Recently songs created for defending Amaravathi by Telugu desam are with zero life. No matter what the music or lyrics say, the heart that moves people is completely missed in the songs. For those who witnessed the glory of Telugu Desam in 1983 – this loss of life – is truly astonishing and painful.

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But now is the time. The light of Telugu Desam is completely gone. The songs released by the opposition recently under the name of Amravati Defense are not alive. Telangana slang – these songs sung without any Andhra feeling – more than the agony of the capitalist peasantry – is heard more by the Chief Minister and the government. The only improvement we have, no matter how the rest of the state goes – is the sound of these songs. While it is not known who wrote it, or who sang it – perhaps that is why none of those songs are alive. Compared to the Telugu Desam songs of the past – for those who hear these songs – Oops! It is sad that the situation in Telugu Desam is gone.

Then that’s awesome! But now?
A beautiful girl of old age smiles and moves and has a beauty. But if the same girl turns old and shows the same giggles and tantrums – it’s not fun, right, awkward, and sad. All the ongoing campaigns of Telugu Desam are now facing such glee. It would be nice if the people of the capital would fight them all and make direct contact with the government. But because of the role of the political elite in the middle – the Telugu Desam Party is ruining the opportunity for justice for the farmers.

If you give the post to build the original Amaravati .. It has been turned into a delusional Telugu Desam That is why the people defeated that party. In the absence of the will to move Amravati completely – no one wants to bring the state back to its full priority. Because the entire development in Hyderabad is concentrated – we have already been damaged once. No matter how many times you are hurt, no matter who you are – what do you say to the scammers that Amravati is the only capital?

Didn’t People Flee to Hyderabad ?
Everyone is criticizing Chandrababu’s flight from Hyderabad to Amravati for fear of a vote case. But there are people who have fled Hyderabad from Amravati. Even though Amaravathi was originally going to be our capital – seeing its capital trends and certain sectors – “Ah, we can’t live there. It is not an exaggeration to think that Andhra Pradesh is in the thousands. When it is named public capital .. it should be the feeling of all people. But there are some sources that people are feeling like Amravati is ours. This is the truth.

This is the only damage that can happen!
True. No injustice should be done to the peasants who have given the land for the State. Not even that! In fact, the YCP government continues to say that no ordinary farmer is unfair. Even if the profit is not expected – the land given to the government will not go anywhere. However, those who expect to return a million rupees worth of land will be disappointed. It is not wrong to expect that all this will come. That is human nature. It is also not wrong to say that giving land for profit is a sacrifice for capital. Because – when the government will ever yield – it is no small matter to leave the earth confident. Greet those farmers! Recognize their difficulty! But in fact they have nothing difficult to do. If not – the expected profit may not be as high. The crores of rupees may come in handy. The damage done to Amaravati farmers is hard to come by – only this disappointment! No physical damage is done to them.

Shouldn’t development belong to everyone?
However, it is easy to negotiate their matter directly with a government that claims to be a peasant government. The biggest mistake that Amaravathiis make is to join forces with the opposition to make it so easy and not to end the story. When the state is to develop – we do not want the whole thing. Sharing is development. It would be nice if we – the Amaravathi people who gave a generous heart to our state – show the same generosity at this time of development.

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