Who Is Unconfortable Of Andhra’s Affection On KCR?

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“Except some kind of mouth – man is good!” – This is the view on the KCR that is now. In the latest Telangana elections, it is clear that Andhra Pradesh is trying to forget that KCR is a disgrace in the movement. The reason is that after the division of the state – they do not appear to be in the field as they are afraid of any hatreds! Fear of being seen as separate people of Andhra people – they are the party of Telangana who are on the development path. It is true that they are looking for a powerful leader in KCR as a YS.

And now, the haggards who kicked KCR are now losing him – who has trouble? – Think of it – this is not a problem for the Telangana people. They are suffering that they do not recognize them so long. That’s why the movements were made. Now that KCR has accepted the leadership – indeed the people of Telangana are enjoying it. It is not an exaggeration that their culture is more and more elderly than ever since they recognize their culture. However, this is not true of the hard core Telugu community. The Telugu Desam Party is the backbone of the true self. However, Chandrababu’s wrong decisions and most politics have bore them to her. Unlike in the moment of the movement – KCR’s integrity of all, his pure style of unconsciousness – has impressed the folk. “Except some kind of mouth-man is a good man! If our state of trouble is a leader of such a commission, how much better it will be!” -As the KCR is concerned about the consequences,

If that is the case with the hardcore Telugu-speaking community, they are still standing in Telangana, staying in the path of good will to keep up with KCR. Honors for the success of the people who belong to their community and the successor of the TRArs are also heavier. These are naturally true for the TDP factions in AP.

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