Who is the Leader for Congress Padayatra ?

Who is the Leader for Congress Padayatra ?

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Congress to walk in Telangana It is well known that KCR is strong in Telangana! While some claim that the Congress is the dream of winning the TRS – the Congress is aiming to improve the situation and get some more seats. Even if the KCR – “KCR is working, and we still have the power in Telangana,” we do not know that KCR is strong for Telangana Congress factions. For months, the Congress has criticized the KCR – the fact that KCR is coming out and the meeting is flying away in the air. And the fate of the frog-who is the leader in the most democratic Congress party-who is now the leader of the party-is now the most important leader of the padayatam.
YS Rajasekhar Reddy, who was once the Chief Minister, was the leader of the Congress leader, That is to say that he made the chief minister. If all are for the sake of the position – go to the YS community and greet the high priest. The rest of the leaders have done their job at the top of the High Court but despite the efforts of the Chief Minister for a seat in the seat, Rajasekhar Reddy has been defeated. The main reason is the paddle! That is the way the chief minister will sit on the pedestal – who does not say upwardly in the Congress! The Congress Party who does not have the habit of declaring till the end of the dead is the Chief Minister who will win. But now it is to announce that the leader of the front yard is to announce. Do not give priority to any leader – not to lead any leader – to do all the important leaders or not … not to hurt! Because if they do not have a long trip, it does not get a value. Then there’s no way that the party does not have a plus chance. So now the Congress is in trouble! Whatever the leader of the padayatra – the chief minister will be announced. If the announcement is not announced, that walk will not be lost. Let’s see what the Congress is making …

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