Who Is Responsible For This Pain..?

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Polling is going on in the spotlight in Andhra Pradesh till midnight. To be able to vote for tonight with patience is to congratulate the voters who are in queue. However, the performance mechanism that has led to the development of the election is not a forgery. This is the pain of suffering, who is responsible for all the brains now. People in the neighboring state of Telangana may have no doubt in Andhra Pradesh why this happened last December or now in the parliamentary elections. These elections have tested people’s patience. The victory in the final result is the election mechanism but the reason for these difficulties. Gopalakrishna Dwivedi is the failure of the state election chief executive in the run-up to election.

Ten percent EVM issues
Approximately four and half thousand EMSs have been lodged in around 46,000 polling stations across the state. It’s natural to deal with technical problems. Immediately engineers will immediately move out and fix it within minutes. But in the Andhra Pradesh election, the entire eleven-hour polling period in some places for four and a half hours had not been detained as it was to continue the poll till midnight. Even the polling station that went to vote in the state CEO itself had a technical problem and had to go for the second time. It is unfortunate that the CEO has not given a brief description of the embarrassment if there are too many elderly and women in the queue to vote even after midnight. The electoral mechanism seems to be a failure.

Unanswered questions
The main question is why the EVMs did not turn up in the polling in Telangana but only in Andhra Pradesh. Why did it take hours for technical issues to be adjusted within minutes? Why is the Telangana Assembly polls unexpected in all the two-and-a-half months, even when it is not possible to re-poll it? Why not take steps to prevent peace in the war between the two main parties and the war on the horror? Why were mistakes made by the participants in the election duties? It is not difficult to understand what level of errors in the arrangement of the EVMs to lose the tolerance and kill the EVMs. Many such questions do not have an answer from the Election Commission.

There … here …
The CEOs of Telangana and AP states on ‘Sari’ in the matter of errors in the election process. Telangana CEO openly apologized to the fact that the removal of the electorate was a reality. AP CEO Dwivedi said, “We have not been able to manage the polls, and we have not been able to get enough security to prevent unnecessary violence. The Central Election Commission has said that the general election is a big festival for our democracy. It also said that the appropriate arrangements were made. But eventually this happened. People are patient and are in queue until midnight. The CEO has no answer to how to improve the situation if the tolerance stops. There is no answer to the criticism of another party being voting for a party. There is no answer to the allegations of negligence of the polling personnel to cooperate with the public.

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