Who is copying whom? : Plagiarism within Media

Plagiarism within Media

These days TV Channels and Websites are copying Film and viral contents for more publicity and TRP’s. As we know People In present generation were too intellectual. they also finding different ways for instant money without giving body strain.  As Science and technology developed anonymously there comes a huge number of TV Channels, Websites, Social Media Websites and Youtube Channels too.  If there is  an event which was going in our city.. it will be exclusive within seconds through these social websites and tv channels. So coming to the point  these TV Channels and Social Websites are copying from each other for their TRP’s and Popularity.  We can see some filmy posts in social websites which were purely copied by the TV Channels.

A few days ago top most TV channel broadcasted a news which was about a film star. It elaborates Tollywood heroine Seerat Kapoor who was now busy with her upcoming projects . They says that When she had no offers, she kept some hot photos in Instagram  account to attract directors and producers. After she bag offers from tollywood, she deleted that instagram account.  This was the narration what that channel said to the viewers. But it was purely wrong news because her instagram account was still in social media and she was interacting with her fans.

By these type of posts we can know that these TV channels and websites are only maintain for money .

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