Who Are Those Acted In That ‘Attack’ Movie?

Who Are Those Acted In That 'Attack' Movie?

On the one hand, the cine opposition is worried about the CCTV footage of ‘our’ election. Some came in cars and stormed the TDP office. Destroyed the office and furniture in the office. TDP leaders have already come out with serious allegations against them and YCP activists. After a long time, Chandrababu also came out and expressed his indignation that the YCP atrocities were excessive. Initiation was also done.

Who Are Those Acted In That 'Attack' Movie? 1

All the incidents where the thugs vandalized the office were well recorded on CCTV camera. However, it is not clear to anyone whether the attacker was a YCP or not. However, is it too difficult to identify who they are? May not be. Because even if the incident is the same – on many cameras … recorded from many angles. The thugs coming to the front of the office … stopping cars, getting out of it one by one, everyone running and going to the gates, breaking the gates, walking over the gates, going inside and smashing every single object, all of this was very well recorded.

The Telugu Desam Party is known for being very organized in whatever it does. And when they gave this footage to the media, they edited it well … All the scenes in the sequence of the incident were given from different angles. Looking at the finale it looked like a fully-edited crime movie. In other words, Ram Gopalavarma is similar to ‘Shiva’. They land cars … wreckage … every scene … side angle, top angle, front angle … it is remarkable that it is recorded from all angles. What kind of quality cameras are used in party offices … how many are used … how many more cameras are good … if you watch this video you will know.

And there are a lot of actors in this movie called Attack who are ready from all angles. Adenandi … thugs .. and that manushulevaro difficult to remember? More than one and not two. There are many. Can’t recognize someone if not one? With such good clear footage over and over, Telugudesam zoomed in on the video … took a look at the attackers … personally spotted each other … it might not be too hard to prove if they were VCP. But they are still not saying anything about that.

How to do politics using technology … The consensus of the AP people is that no one should tell TDP and Chandrababu. And what kind of sensation is Chandrababu going to create in politics with this quality footage now … how many of them can prove to be thugs VCP … let’s wait and see!

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