Who Are Having Difficulty With KCR Jagan Bond?

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A man who befriends people somewhere with the help of the Internet – he can’t be close to his neighbors. Even if he has a good friendship with the foreigners – he has a quarrel with the neighbors. This is man’s morality. Because – those who are far away come with us to the Pottiki Wataki. Hi Ano Oy Ano .. Sorry to say sorry now. But the neighbor is not? There are many adjustments. Avasaraluntayi. We have to make some sacrifices for reconciliation. If you cannot do that – you have to sacrifice a great deal of peace of mind. If there is no peace in the neighborhood, no matter how much you have achieved outside – that life will be miserable.

Unexpected friendship

Usually the chief ministers of the two states are not friends. It is very difficult for neighboring states. If possible, however, there is very little agreement between the KCR pics, but there is little chance. So – the blossoming and blooming friendship between KCR and Jagan is really great. This is something that most people do not expect.

KCR as Elder Brother

The people of the neighboring state of KCR, until the state of Telangana, the KCR, the state was formed, and did not bother them. Even at the end of their eyes – “KCR word is good .. Man is good” Until yesterday you, you, and us, who are allies of Allah – to be a companion to one another, and thus Jagan also respected KCR as an elder – are truly commendable. Because friendship with a neighbor is great. Much needed. Knowing this, not all can achieve this union. But KCR and Jagan achieved. In fact, there is nothing great in this friendship, just the opposite of the common hatred of Chandrababu – both of them.

Is it okay for media?

Okay. Whatever the reasons for the friendship of KCR – the response is different. If their friendship is pleasing to some – it is very difficult for some. Who has that trouble? The people? Regionalists? Pradhanika? The rival media? – In general, their friendship with the general public is very much in view. However, regionalists are a bit embarrassed. With the KCR, who had previously abandoned them badly – the CM is looking to go to the woods, some pundits are likely to be in the pics. Opponents have started campaigning to take this as an opportunity – tying Telangana to Andhra’s assets in the name of Jagan’s friendship. So it seems that KCR Jagan’s friendship is a common enemy of the common enemy Chandrababu.

OK For Telangana

However, Telangana does not have a greater objection to the friendship of KCR pics than Andhra. Even some of the Andhras appreciate this friendship wholeheartedly. However, the rest of the difficulty is also unavoidable. Because of the partition, the Andhra Pradesh lost their capital and caused immense damage. But Telangana did not suffer such a loss. It is natural for them to feel the need to settle down after the state has arrived. And for some of the Andhras in the fury of loss – this friendship will naturally take on irritation. The two states – which have been suing each other in the past – are now in tune with the chief minister’s friendship. This has led to reports in the media that officials are confused about the attitude of the courts.

Problem 4 BJP !?

Prime Minister Modi’s friendship with the chief ministers of Telugu The BJP, which retains its party in Karnataka with the British principle of ‘divide and rule’, is also trying to gain a foothold in the south – Tamil Nadu. Now, even in Telangana and Telangana, there is no plan to create an uproar. Against this backdrop – KCR and Jagan are friendly to both states, whether they like it or not! The fact that the national parties are not playing to their liking with the states, which is worth nothing to the South – where all the chief ministers are one – is really a historical necessity. KCR and Jagan are very well appreciated!

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