Which Telugu is going to be promoted in Telangana?


Its feared that Telugu people might come first,if a survey is conducted querying “Which people have less respect towards their own mother tongue?”. However Andhra rulers have failed in taking bold and good decisions to protect Telugu language and culture. Wonderfully om the otherside, Telangana CM KCR, once who described Telugu Talli ( The symbolic Mother of Telugu Language ) as a devil, now started showing his real love towards Telugu Language by making it compulsory in the state.

As people say, KCR is a voracious reader of Telugu language and literature with quite love for Telugu. Not only a reader, he wrote songs too. The question is … why such language loving person blamed and iltreated Telugu by stamping Mother Telugu as a devil? Reason could be the anger towards Andhra people for not recognizing Telangana language as a standard Telugu form, and so he might made such comments as a the need of the movement. However,as some people say, making derogatory comments on Telugu Talli to degrade Andhra people.. is nothing but indirectly confirming Andhra people to be the only representatives of Telugu language. More questions rise, How Telangana Talli, a regional based Goddess can replace Telugu Talli, a language based Goddess.

Like it or not, the standard Telugu language is taken from Godavari and Krishna districts.This could be the reason for Telangana’s anger. How ever the reason for not taking Telangana Telugu as a standard is …it has lost the Telugu flavor by too much acceptance of Urdu words into it.

However, though boasting themselves to be the real Telugu people, Andhra people failed to show their love towards their mother tongue in action. We should appreciate KCR to take a bold step to protect the language.

Finally … Can an accent be treated as a complete language? Then which language is going to be promoted in Telangana on the name of Telugu? Will Telangana people … who use Urdu easily in their daily routine and who are not at all particular in using Telugu, and who never denied the deregatory statement of their CM “Telugu Talli is a devil”, … feel the intensity of protecting Telugu? … questions remained.

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