Which Party Is Independent Of Leader’s Personal Image?

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“At present, all the regional parties in the country are based on individualism, so those people are turning their parties into family parties and enjoying the lives of people,” the BJP says. In fact, they argue that only national parties can save this country. But the current question is whether the BJP and the Congress are national parties to the name or whether they are national.

Speaking of what it means – national parties in India are the only national parties. There is much to be said for objectively listing these accounts. In the face of ever looking at the trend in the south, in the no gauravincakapovadam, Let’s try to impose on them, to pieces against the states prajabhistaniki, nilabettukokapovadam given no promises, no longer ignored the development of the southern states, where taxes are collected in the northern states, in order to taralincukuntu , Not having taken adequate development – such as the tendency to narrow, partisan political nature to the fact that the parties to come to our national shame ceppukovalsi parties.

National parties must be representatives of the entire country. No matter what their nationality is – all states should be treated equally. But it was not in the Congress or the BJP. The BJP had a good reputation in the past. It seems that the party has little ideals, like the Congress, they are not a party of frogs, they do no injustice to the people, they have patriotism. But now the BJP seems to be getting worse than the Congress.

There is a growing trend in BJP to occupy the country. This is very worrying. In a way, critics say that the British imperialist tendency appears to us in the BJP. Original India is not always a philosophy that one should invade but one must go. Can the BJP, which now explicitly embodies such a philosophy, be the original Indian party? When it seems that.

And what about the nominal national parties – the country’s great regional parties? The National Parties allege that regional parties are not parties to the state because they are individual parties or individual preferred parties. OK! Neither KCR nor Chandrababu, Jagan, it is true that their parties depend on each other. But what about the Congress and the BJP, which boast of national parties? Modigere himself calls the Congress a family party. And BJP? Prior to Modi’s arrival, the party was crazy based on the personalities of Vajpayee and Advani. Now that Modi has arrived, this party has got a halo. Everyone knows this. That means here – the party person is dependent on the puja. Since Modi is an unaccountable member of his family – should he be unselfish, should the national party be upheld by this national party for one reason only? Is this a private party? That is the question!

The party that is dependent on the individual may not be trusted at all. If this is true then BJP is also such a party now! Who else but Modi? There was no one. Modi will be here today, tomorrow will not be. Put the whole country in the hands of the BJP, believing that? Should BJP win in states too? Not. This is because regional parties are always more concerned about the welfare of their states than these nominal national parties. Regional parties should certainly be involved. Only then does the average Indian ideal of unity in diversity flourish. This is why provincial parties and their fanatics need to be mindful of states that want to invade democracy in the Tunga.

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