‘Where Is The Venkata Lakshmi?’ Logo Launched

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‘Where is the Venkatlakshmi’ is a movie directed by ABT Creations Production No. 1. Lakshmi Rai is playing the lead role in this movie. Poojitha Ponandha is acting as another heroine. The film’s logo was released by directors. Everything else was involved in this event. The film is currently being shot at Sarathy Studios. Here is a set of specials .. Laxmi Rai has played a song about what you like. Shekhar Master choreography was written by Suresh Bhanisetti. The producer of the film is going to specifically sing the song.

Gurunath Reddy said: “We have started shooting for two months in Amalapuram and shooting for Amalapuram for 10 days after shooting for the shooting in Amalapuram and the shoot will be completed too. That’s the role of the pooja Is ttukunela. Director Kishore is being very well. As the upcoming comedy thriller .. venakadakunda cost of my friends Sridhar Reddy, Anand Reddy is producing it. Everyone will bring the good name of the film, “be said.

Heroine Lakshmi Rai said, “Out and out comedy film Where is Venkata Lakshmi, Papa Neeta is the song of the song Sekhar Master is amazingly composed by music director Hari 70 percent shooting is complete. I feel that it’s a good name for me Kishore Kumar said, “I am thankful to Lakshmi Rai and the producers who believe in me, and the subject is a great thriller, a comedy thriller, which is an attempt to make audiences a great way to make a film that is being shot in Amalapuram. Ringa .., rubbish like the song is also popular Undi. Everything was senior actors playing well. .. cost venakadakunda producers are producing the film is slated for release soon. I am confident that, like everyone, “said laksmiray.

Anand Reddy, one of the producers, said, “It is a 70% film shooting and the film is currently being shot and the director is doing well and the actors are very much cooperating with us.

Laxmi Rai and many senior actors are present in this shoot. Producers Gurunath Reddy, Anand Reddy, Lakshmi Rai, Hero Ram Karthik, Heroine Poojitha Ponandha, Pankaj, Kishore, Madhusudan, Venkat, Shekhar Master, Hari and Praveen participated in this event.

Lakshmi Rai, Ram Karthik, Poojitha Ponandha, Praveen, Madhunanadan, Annapurna, Pankaj Kishari etc

Technical Department:
Director: Kishore Kumar (Ladda)
Producers: M. Sridhar Reddy, H. Anand Reddy, Arke Reddy
Story, screenplay, dialogues: Kiran Thattavarma,
Music Director: Hari Guru
Cinematography: Venkat R. Sakamuri
Editor: SAR Shekhar
Art: Brahma Kadali
Fights: Ram Sunkara
Choreography: Shekhar, Yashwant
PRO: Vamsi Shekhar

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