What’s Keeravani’s Deadly Mistake?


Social media fighters have been shouting for days criticising the great music composer Keevarani, for giving music to RGV’s God Sex and Truth. But is it Keeravani’s most deadly mistake? Let’s think about it.

Among today’s music directors who do not know even the names of Ragas, truly Keeravani is a great music director. Keeravani is among the few who have classical music knowledge. Of course, he is a commercial music director, who works for money. Divinity and religiousness are his personal matters, but he has the right to opt for any film to music to. Oops! What it is? On social media, some are saying that Keeravani being a great devotee of God should not give music to Ram Gopalvarma’ movie as its main lead being a porn star. After great devotional films like Annamayya, Sriramadasu and Pandurangadu – how Keeravani could accept this? – they are questioning in anger.

Let us look back into history of Keeravani as a music director. In the early stages Keeravani gave music to Ramoji’s film Manasu-Mamata, but could not get recogised, until he gave music to RGV’s Kshana Kshanam. Later, RamGopal Verma and Keeravani maintained a good relationship. In later days too, Keeravani was chosen by Varma to give music to his Varma Corporation movie W/O V.Vara Prasad made under the direction of Vamsi. Reason could be that gratitude or the relationship, Karyavani agreed to Varma’s film now. What’s wrong with that?

Keeping aside all this, let’s look into a list of so-called “devotional movies” Keeravani worked for in the past. Annamayya, Sriramadasu, Pandurangadu – What are these movies really? Are they truly religious? Think of the director who directed them. Was not he, K. Raghavendra Rao, who got fame as the most romantic director for throwing fruits onto heroine’s belly? Did not he have a bad reputation for shooting bad scenes in the movie Annamayya where objectionable dialogues come from God’s mouth on the name of romance? And what is the ritualistic practice shown by Tabu in Pandurangadu, in the name of Bhakti? Are they Really Bhakti (Religious) movies, or Rakti (Romantic) movies? There was no dispute when Keeravani contributed music to many romatic movies which are hidden under the name of devotion, and people are objecting now, when he gets ready to give music to a film which is more frank and bold, we wonder.

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