What Could be The Climax Plan Of Chandrababu

Even some Telugu Desam fans say that Chandrababu is not likely to win this time. Andhra Pradesh’s political image is changing because of the lack of work in the capital and the growing popularity of Jagan and Pawan. It is natural that Chandrababu’s meetings and lectures seemed to be shattered at the time when a group of people on the side of the yoga padayatra, It is also an assessment that Chandrababu’s decades of imbecause could come – to win again the Telugu Desam, once named as a fictitious government.

There is nothing wrong with Chandrababu, but his rule is the same: Jagan Pawan kot – If there is a new chance in some way, no matter how good it will be – we have nothing to do with Chandrababu. He looked at him but he did not work at the desired level Nizhidham “- political parties assessing that people are feeling. Over time, the opposing vote bank towards the party in power is naturally formed. This is happening now in Telugu.

Even though the defeat of the Telugu Desam is not quite sure – most of them seem to come back to power. And when the matter becomes clear – will the veteran like Chandrababu hold his hands back? Chandrababu has the experience of managing many elections. So he does something. What will happen What does it do? The immediate task for Chandrababu’s achievement is to show that the tasks in the capital and on projects are rapidly taking place. Yet it is not easy to see in four months the development of four years. So – performing these tasks – a miracle must be done when the elections get closer. That’s why Chandrababu is doing a master plan.

The climax scheme of Chandrababu to come back to power can not be so quick. In fact, the Telugu Desam is to be defeated. But Telangana separation came to Chandrababu. What’s the point like this time? Even if Modi is trying to show that he does not specialize in specialization – it may not be a big help to TDP. This is because the people nowadays do not seem to have the right to turn the BJP away. Modi’s opposition is only one, but it will not be used for Tamil Nadu in the election. You need more. What is that? Political thinkers predict that Chandrababu will come to people with a new point – based on a special political plan or slogan. The same is the suspense now!

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