We’re Sorry, Nani Is Not A Hero!

Yes we are saying.. Nani Is Not A Hero! .. of course, in this movie. Sudheer is the hero of this movie. Not Software Sudheer, Sudigali Sudheer. He is just Sudhir, son-in-law of Krishna. Sorry … not recognised who? Sorry, for not adding Babu.

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What about Sudheer? Came back. Sudheer’s hero in the film is Nani’s distinctive character. Anyway, in the meantime, the art of Nani is reduced. That heroism is stereo type. At least such a variety of characters, Bettermo! If you can convert the original mind into a villain – you can make many good films. There is always a shortage of villains in the original Telugu. But what if we listen? Everyone is within that hero frame! What!

Director Mohanakrishna Indraganti has unveiled the latest in a variety of films like Gentleman. Movie ‘V’ is being made in a combination of the two. This time too, Indraganti is appearing on the screen in another new role. If you want to know what the character is, then you have to watch ‘V’. Sample unit has released the Nani look. He is looking for a new look that I have not played this year. Beard, twisting mustaches, scissors in hand, blood on hand, and neglect in the eyes are many extras.

Impressed with the class and mass characters, Nani is playing the role of a divergent. The hero of the monster Nani Kanadapada star hero Sudhir Babu tweeted about it. Sudhir Babu is playing the role of Powerful IPS officer, a savior protagonist who rescues the monster. The film’s unit said that Nani and Sudhir Babu’s roles in the film are very competitive.

Dilraju, who has produced films like Lokal and MCA, is the third film he is making in the Nani Combination. This is the third film in the Nani and Indragandi combinations. This is the 25th film that Nani is pretending to be. – Saying that. Okay, these numbers don’t hit the movies … they say it’s a big budget action thriller. But no matter how much it costs, the film will be released on March 25th.

Nani, Sudhir Babu, Nivedita Thomas and Aditi Rao Hydari

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Music: Amit Trivedi
Cinematography: PG Vinda
Editing: Marthand kevenkates
Producers: Raju, Sirish, Harshit Reddy
Style and vision: Mohanakrishna Indraganti

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