We will work like this .. otherwise we will stop! Speaking employees

We will work like this .. otherwise we will stop! Speaking employees

It is true that the corona caused many people financial and employment difficulties. However, Corona Punyama … Some people find it easy to work from home. Most people find this new approach convenient because they have been staying at home and working for a long time. Few people – most of the disturbances near home … say that it is easy to work in an office environment. Despite this, most people prefer a work-from-home. That’s forever! Yes. Americans in particular are well accustomed to a culture that has lasted for many months.

We will work like this .. otherwise we will stop! Speaking employees 2

With the recent decline in corona effect, companies are sending out e-mails inviting their employees. They want to come to the office again and work. However – most Americans who are accustomed to being at home – say, “Let’s come back and work in the office.” If – you have to come and pay .. as before, you have to stay in the office for 8 hours, 9 hours to work – but they are also preparing to leave the job.

When a survey company called ‘Good Hire’ in California recently conducted a survey about job trends – a lot of strange things came out. Not ten, not twenty … 61 percent of Americans at the same time – the survey found that they are no longer determined to work only from home. Companies that do not like employees who do not come to the office … “If you work from home, we will cut the salary” … they say. However, 61 per cent say they are ready for a pay cut. If you are caught saying that you have to spend full time in the office as usual … you say that you will leave the job.

If this is the case for those who have jobs – most of those who apply for another job, even for a new job – are applying for jobs that have the potential to work remotely. If full remote working is not possible … in a hybrid system … that is, working from home … occasionally going to the office for some work … you may be inclined towards such an intermediate hybrid approach. As many as 80 per cent of such job seekers prefer remote jobs. That is, only 15 percent – want jobs in the office. Looking at these trends, we can clearly see how much the corona has changed the job scene and the job scene.

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