We Don’t Know Who All These People Are!

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Truly – we do not know who many of those in this photo. This is the pre-release event of ‘Drama’. Sudheer Babu has a somewhat familiar face. You do not know who you are, but you can cut it off. … Some of the attachment is that there is a bit of sin in the photograph. Is that sin for us? Even though … everyone is tilinivalal kalarapalam hit hit? Who knows what this is like?
The press was released as a pre-release event. Muppayi may be wrong in terms of language. Unnecessary compliments and exaggeration are common. But not all of them have the patience or the power of the power. That’s why the content of the press release has been offered as well. If you miss, read it.

Ashish Gandhi and Ashima Narwal are playing lead roles in the movie ‘Drama’. The film is coming with village backgammon and Kalyan Gogagana is the director. The event will be hosted by Hero Sudhir Babu, RX100 Fame Hero Kartikeya, Mushirabad MLA and State President of BJP. Lakshmana Rao Gharas were the main guests. Sai Karthik provided music and Anuj cinematography was given a good name.

Music director Sai Karthik said that this film is the hero of the film and the producers are very thanks .. All the best for all film technicians .. Kalyan very hard .. .. I want to make this film a hit. This small movie is big I want to ask audiences to hit

Producer Rizwan said, “Thanks a lot for the media. Thanks to all who come to support this film, thanks to a good movie, let’s do the film that everyone wants to do,” said Khushi. Sai Karthik has provided a very good music. We have stolen our heart with all the songs in this film.

Producer Khushi said: “Thank you, Hero Sudhir Babu, who has been supporting us from the very first Thanks to the movie .. I have bought the movie and this is a good idea to hit the movie .. The 300 plus the theaters will be released in this film. Love is comparable to the bigger movies of the movie .. Thanks to Arjun Reddy and RX100 Fiber ..

Muzirabad MLA, State President of BJP Lakshmana Rao said that the reason for the release of the film is the pre-release of the film Praveen Gandhi. The film is a small budget film directed by Rizwan Entertainments
They are happy to push .. The newer ones are introduced through such small films .. It’s a good evolution of the industry .. Would you like to be a hit this movie .

Cameraman Anji said, “5 minutes is the story of the director and the director of the movie .. Very Impressive Story .. Soon the film is done .. We have done this film in Bapatla .. Cinema and crew have worked very well .. Ashish Chala Aishima is a good cooperative actress .. he is a good heroine .. Director Kalyanji first did not make a film

Director Kalyanji Gogana said, “We are proud to compare this film to RX100 and Arjun Reddy .. I have been writing the story in fifteen days .. Then I took the producers .. They were okay in single siting. Stori said that all of us believed this movie, super hit

RX 100 Hero Karthikeya said that this film is comparing with the RX 100 .. I’m so glad that the film is going to be hit by the hit heroes .. There is a good way out in the film and how well the film is in the film. The positive posh vibrations on the film are coming up .. Director Kalyan G stuck in the trailer .. The trailer is very good .. I wanted to make this movie a good hit Aru ..

Sudhir Babu said that the movie is going to be bought by Rizwan .. I was in that time .. But when the trailer was released I no longer need to tell. The movie is about how well the movie is in the film. The heroine of the film has done well in the movie Ashish Gandyi. The film has done well with ten film experience. Director Kalyan has done a lot of hard work on the film. he said. Sai Karthik’s music is very good .. A bit in this movie is very impressive .. Anji’s film is a cinematography for the film instead of Garudaenga Anji instead of drama Anji. Visuals are very good .. All the best for everyone who worked for the movie to get the film hit.

Asayi Gandhi said: Thanks to all the media and all the guests .. Thanks to me today
Thank you very much .. Thank you for the director Kalyan .. Thanks to this kind of good story .. Sai Karthik has magic with music .. The film is looking for goose bumps .. I really did not even monitor me for a while .. I gave a good compliment to my thanks to the trailer .. Thanks to Entertainment ukunna Rizwan .. .. short film is going to be a hit


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