WaterColor Painting In Just A Few Seconds!

Creating an artworks is not a big task now. PhotoShop filters can easily do that. But now there is a good demand for photo-art converting apps that can work on mobile.A lot of apps can be convert photos into drawings and paintings. But only a few of them can give a real effect. There is an app that gives such real effect is.. Portra.

This app has a lot of color filters in-built. However, this app’s specialty is to produce a Zigzag effect with Colors blurring the frame around the photo. So when one converts a photo to painting – it looks like a real watercolor painting.

Pro version has more effects. But there is a recurring cost on the name of subscription. Anyway the Portra App works good. However we too need a good sense in selecting images that are nore effective when converted as paintings.

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