‘Vinayak’ Supports RDX love?

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Will Vinayaka support the film as much as it did during the Vinayakachavitha season? Also, how does Ganesha love RDX Love, which looks like a romantic movie? Not mind. Here we are talking about Director VV Vinayak!

CK Kalyan is producing the movie ‘RDX Love’ as the hero of Husaru fame Tejas Kanchers and Talented Director Shankar Bhanu in the RX 100 Bhama Payal Rajput Combination. The teaser of the film will generate over four million views and create Sensation. The film has high extremes. The film’s theatrical trailer release was held on 10 September at Hyderabad’s Prasad Labs. Sensational Director VV Vinayak was the chief guest and launched the RDX Love Theatrical Trailer. Hero Tejas Kancharla, heroine Payal Rajputh, director Shankar Bhanu, celebrity producers Mallidhi Satyanarayana Reddy and Tummalapalli Ramasathyanarayana were present at the event.

Sensational Director VV Vinayak said, “Kalyan is making movies with regular fashion rather than money.” Believing the story, the RDX Love film was made so rich that it did not hesitate to budget. My thanks to Kalyan for giving Chance to my friend Shankar Bhanuki. Kalyan is going to make a big hit with this film. Director Shankar Bhanu worked with me as Assistant Director. Very intelligent. He made a lot of good movies .. but didn’t get a proper break. As a commercial director, Bhanuki is eagerly awaiting a big break with this film. Tejas, Payal Pair looks great. The film should be a good name for both of them. Also, Payal Rajputh said that the film will have a successful star gorilla star.

Producer C Kalyan said that the teaser of the film has received over 4 million views. Whatever the goal, I started the film and it proved to be a RDX love blast. When the teaser was released a lot of people commented .. There are people who have praised it as great. The storyline is about how a teenage girl struggled to make ends meet for the sake of her village and the ambitions of the surrounding villages. It is believed that the film will blast at the box office as a definite. After this film, Payal becomes another success. She acted so great in this movie. The actors and technicians have done a lot of custom work in 45 degree temperatures in Vijayawada, Polavaram and Rampachodavaram. Notably, the contribution of cameramen Ramprasad and art director Chinna is unforgettable. Believing the story, rather than on a small budget, the big budget has been compiled for 75 days. The visuals are very rich. I made a great movie with a butcher. Hero Tejas, Payal Chemistry is well done. Rathan gave excellent music. Aditya Menon plays the villain. Naresh and Thulasi’s performance climax. The audience is feeling a great movie. This credit is part of the credit. The censor is complete .. Looking for a good date and planning to release the film soon .. said.

Hero Tejas Kanchersla said, “Thank you to Kalyan for giving me the chance to act in this film. We made the film work hard with team work. The teaser received various comments. Watching the trailer reveals the content of the movie. Payal has co-starred in the film. Director Shankar Bhanu has done the film very well. Vinayak said that it was very happy to launch our trailer.

Heroine Payal Rajputh said, “My life has changed with the movie” RX100 “. The RDX Love movie is slightly different. Thinking in terms of education .. The film stands as Inspiration. Very heart touching movie. My thanks to Kalyan and Bhanu for giving Chance to act in this good movie.

Director Shankar Bhanu said that Kalyan was inspired by the story. The film was produced by Kalyan with superb quality, all of which were provided in the story. I am very proud of doing this movie in Happy Movies and CK Entertainment. Tejas and Payal create the magic wonders. Ramprasad’s camera work and small set of art work are the plus points of the film. Rathan gave Wonderful Music. Confident that RDX Love is the Biggest Blockbuster. With this blasting hit, Kalyan will be a great production company. After this movie, I want to see more commercial successes in this banner …

Tejas Kancherla and Payal Rajputh star in the movie. Vikenares, Nagineedu, Aditya Menon, basil, amani, mumait Khan, vidyuleka Ramon, satyasri, sahitijadi, Devi Sri, Zoya Mizrahi and others in the cast of the film camera: siramprasad, music rathan, words: Parasuram songs: bhaskarabhatla, Editor : Praveen Pudi, Fights: Nandu, Choreographer: Ganesh Swamy, Executive Producer: Short, Co-Producer: CV Rao, Producer: C. Kalyan, Story-Screen Need to play

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