‘Veerasastha Ayyappa Kataksham’ Audio Launch

‘100 Crores Academy-Varangi Movies’ is a joint venture of Rudrabhatla Venugopal with the main film ‘Veerasastha Ayyappa Kathaksam’. Noted writer and spiritualist VSP Thennetti has produced the film with story, screenplay, dialogue and lyrics and is co-producing with TS Badrish Ram. The film’s songs have been released at a function organized by Prasad Labs. The songs are available on the market and on YouTube through the popular audio company Lahari Music. Noted music directors VSL Jayakumar composed the music for the film. This is his 45th film in Tamil and Telugu. Famous voices like Shankar Mahadevan, SP Balasubrahmanyam and Mano voiced the songs in the film.

Leading producers C. Kalyan, Lagadapatti Sridhar and Raj Kandukuri greeted the film crew. Suman has acted in a Telugu film titled ‘Ayyappa Kathaksam’. Ayyappa has successfully completed the film with the help of Karunakatakasakkal, and the audio provided by VSL Jayakumar with the likes of Shankar Mahadevan, SP Balasubrahmanyam and Mano is a special attraction. TS Badreesh Ram and Rudrabhatla Venugopal said. ‘Ayyappa Kathaksam’ has been created to enhance the positive attitude of devotion and mental energy in a clockwise direction. Editor: Kranti, Camera: Venu Muralidhar Vadnala, Music: VSL Jayakumar, Story – Screenplay – Speech – Songs: VSP Tennetti, Producers: VSP Tennetti – T SS Badrish Ram, Directed by: Rudrabhatla Venugopal (RVG) !!

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