UN.. Modi.. And A Tamil Detective!

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Modi is one of the prime ministers we have got. Whatever he knows, who knows what to fall for, and what he enjoys talking about! He really is a great detective when it comes to inventing human minds. Speaking at the United Nations recently, he did not read Tamil poetry. He read the words “we all belong to all places” by the Tamil philosopher Kanian Poongundran. Yadum aure yavarum kelir … tidum nandhum pindarawara terrified.

Why Tamil?
In fact, there is no need for Modi to read Tamil. There may be quotations of that type in any language. But reading the Tamil quotations in particular seems to be a testament to Modi’s time. He recently read Hindi as part of an attempt to suppress opposition in the south – especially in Tamils, which means he will rub all over the country. Modi has the ability to give us a special status even though we are not given special status. Now think that such a trick playing somewhere. However, despite the lack of positive attitude towards Modi in Tamil Nadu – the fact that he read the quotation in Tamil, he was happy.

What is the link to Detective?

Who is the Tamil poet Kanian Poongundran? He was an ancient Tamil philosopher, astrologer and mathematician. Modi is a great detective. Remember that middle – detective came up with a Vishal dubbing movie? In its original Tamil film (ThuppadiValan), the name of the Vishal character is the poet’s name! – Kanian Poongundran.

But the name of Vishal Character was dubbed Advaita Bhushan, as no one in Telugu knows his name when dubbing. Even if it is strange. But should the dubbing be corrected?

This is something every Telugu person should learn

But the important thing to note here – that a detective is a modern-day detective character – is that Tamils are not keen on naming the ancient astrologer.

But what about us? We refuse to know that the name of the grandfather – his own grandfather. The Tamils will always be the first to honor the older generation and the great people who have brought glory to their race. The Telugu race is probably the last place in this regard, which can annoy anyone. But it’s true! We have to learn a lot about this.

పూంగుండ్రనా? పూంగుండ్రనరా? What’s the point?
Another word! Most of the time the name is written as Kanian Poongundran, not Kanian Poongundran. Adding Ar to the end is just an honor. అంతే! For example, we sacrifice the name of our sacrifice. How to respect Sriramakrishna Paramahamsa as Sriramakrishna not being Sriramakrishna … Poongundranar is the same as Poongundranar!

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