U Turn’ Success Meet


Samantha’s upcoming film ‘Yu Turn’ was released last week as Mystery Thriller Zoner. Directed by Pawan Kumar, Adi Pinsetti plays the role of a powerful full-time police officer. Bhaskhi Chawla and Rahul Ravindran have acted in other major roles. Srinivasa Silver Screen, V. That’s why. Srinivas Chitturi and Rambabu Bandaru have produced the film on the combo’s banner. The celebration ceremony was held on September 18 at the Dasla Hotel in Hyderabad. MP Kavitha and Director Nandini Reddy came to the function as Chief Guest.

Actor Rahul Ravindran said, “There are no commercials watching commercials but now there is no good content. Producers have good tast .. This is the first film of the movie that has been paid for them. Thanks to the audience for the success of the film, Thanks a lot.
Director Pawan Kumar said, “It is very happy for the success of the film .. It is a good hit in both the Telugu and Tamil films. Thanks to the audience .. Samantha has done very well in the movie .. Music has good marks.

MP Kavitha said that the film was a good success for all the film .. Wonderful movie is that it is very good that the movie is very good .. Samantha is very different in this movie .. In theater, there are many Variations in Yuvan. Not only in Samantha movies but also in real life with a very good person .. Everyone has different stories with different stories This film is an example of a movie .. Very good movie .. All this film is to be encouraged ..

Director Nandini Reddy said, “Some of the directors of the film will wait for me to come in any of the directors of Pawan Kumar, one of them is very different from making Mrs. .. I saw Lucia cinema .. Very nice .. Since then I started watching movies He is also very happy to come into Telugu .. Kangrats for everyone who worked in this film. Samantha is a very hard man .. She has to win this movie ..

Samantha Speaking to all the media thanks to the film thanks to the film .. Thank you very much for the reviewers .. I’ve got such positive reviews in my films and I’m very happy to come to my acting .. Kavithi came here, director Nandi Thank you very much .. Thanks to the producers who made such a good movie .. Their first film Thank you for doing this .. Pawan is a very good director in my career. Thank you very much .. In this film, he has succeeded in three States .. This is the beginning .. It is still very talented in this movie .. The viewers are sure to thrill the film .. Thanks again for the audience who made this film a big hit.

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