Two Good Things Puri Did

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<p style=”background-color: #ffebcd; padding: 10px;”>RGV and all of his disciples are different, how ever. They are good. But love to look bad. But Puri Jagannath says he has done two good things recently. Do you know what they are?</p>

Charlie has made a film in Puri Direction as Ram’s hero. The film, which stars Nabha Natesh and Nidhi Agarwal as the heroines, arrived on July 18. The box office has been a success and has been a blockbuster and has grossed over Rs 75 crore. The film unit participated in the press meet organized on Saturday.

On this occasion Puri Jagannath said …
“Two good things I did in the meantime .. Meet Ram and make Ismart Shankar. The movie became an Ismart blockbuster with the popularity of it. A lot of my friends were appalled by the movie. Ram Energy put the film on hold. It was a pleasure to talk about Ram Character.

Hero Ram said, “After watching the film, I have seen the Audience Response. It is different from the roles I have done so far, because Puri has given me a good character and presented him as a defender. Mani Sharma’s Music Heroines Glamor – Adds to Film Success I would like to thank the other actors who starred in the film.

Charmie said … “Thanks to everyone who made our film the Ismart blockbuster. Superb response went wherever on the Success Tour. Ram gave his best performance. Nidhi, Nabha Natesh, both performed very well. It was well designed and became the main reason for the success of the film Movies’ Puri kanekts the first banner – the banner is like a second home. Collections is likely to rise further. Soon you’ll meet with another event, “- he said.

Heroine Nidhi Agarwal said, “I got this hit in a very cruel time. It was a great help for my career. Thank you to Puri who gave me so much success as well as Charmi who gave me so much. Ram gave me the best performance and Nabha Natesh performed well.” .

Where is Nabha Natesh?

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