Twin Cities Didn’t Cross 40!

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The average polling in Telangana was 60.75% in the parliamentary elections. In the Assembly elections held on December 7 last year, the state had a significant decline in the parliamentary elections despite an average of 73.20 per cent polling. In Hyderabad and Secunderabad Lok Sabha constituencies, polling is not more than 40%. In Hyderabad, 39.49% were registered, while Secunderabad recorded a record low of 39.20%. In the 2014 Lok Sabha polls, 53.33% of Hyderabad and 53% in Secunderabad were polled. But this time it is about fourteen percent. In neighboring Malkajigiri neighborhoods, the district has 42.75% (50.5% in the 2014 elections) and 53.80% of the seats (60.2% in the 2014 elections). Though polling in all the constituencies in the evening only five in the evening, the Election Commission has provided 185 polling seats in Nizamabad for six hours in the evening. The polling in Nizamabad was limited to 54.20 per cent by about five o’clock in the evening. In all the 17 constituencies in the state, Hyderabad and Secunderabad constituencies have less than 55% of the Malkajigiri and Chevella constituencies which are less than 40% In all other constituencies, it is almost 60%.

Reduced polling by leaving AP?
According to election officials, summer polls are also a factor in the polls in the Assembly polls with an average of 73.20% In Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, polling has taken place on the same day and the vast majority of the twin cities in the two cities have a large number of people going to that state. Polling in the city constituencies has been at a high level as all of them have been here during the Telangana Assembly elections. But now it is very low.

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