TV9 Has Done Pretty Good This Time!

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Despite claiming to be number one in the media industry – TV 9 has some bad image in the market. Recently, however, TV9 has also received praise from the public. Generally, channelists use the inflatable technique for TRPs. This is called “carpet bombing” in journalist parlance.
Carpet bombing is the same thing as picking up news based on a craze and setting aside all the important things – repeatedly blowing up! However, TV9 seems to have benefited from their carpet bombing.

All this time, TV9 loved it. All this time about the blowing *** from sunrise to evening. But, here’s what’s good. Many, throughout the entire state, have given the success of TV9 about the kidnapping of a boy named Jashit. The whole state is being alarmed and alarmed by what the boy has become – perhaps the culprits have left the boy in fear.

If you were to give news all day about things like a boy who’s usually fallen into a bore well – that would be an excuse for the public and an unnecessary tension for those who work there … The Zashid community is a good example of the media being vigilant about important crimes and atrocities and doing what they need to do. This child has been praying and praying all over the state. Many believe that all the thousands of prayers have come to fruition. As of yesterday, the people who have mocked TV9 on social media – now admire that TV9 has done a very good job. Of course! Other than the bad news from the beginning, the media should definitely appreciate it if it works for the public.

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