TV Anchor Collapses After 17 hours Of Work!


See. How delightful he is! He is Taiwanese – Canadian TV Actor Godfrey Gao! Okay.  Sadly he died at only 35 years old. Why? Due to TV channel’s over action and negligence towards its own employees!

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November 27th. ‘Chase Me’ is a TV reality show that combines celebrity and common sense. This is the reality TV show. It involves a lot of energy and energy. Maybe that’s why the Taiwanese-Canadian actor working in it … Godfrey Gaw … was working and collapsing. What else is there to take you to the hospital? The ashes blended in the air. TV channels that always value celebrities who come and go … never mind the employees who work for them – that is to say this incident is an example! Is the program going to be great or is the ownership of celebrities focused on yours? Result. O life! A life ending for 35 years!

There are celebrities in a TV program – happiness for the owner. Employees are concerned. Channeling celebrities to the channel, deprived TV employees suffering. Channel employees will be responsible until they get back to them, talk to them, and send back the pain. Jobs may be lost if it makes any difference. Therefore, there is an inherent tension among TV employees – from celebrity arrival to departure. This is something that employees of the TV channel know!

The longer a reality show, however, the more cautious. That tension continues to do so. If a program linked to a celebrity is running out of duty – because you can’t cut it in the middle – you have to do it overtime! Those who look over the TV screen don’t have to be boring. Work to cheer up the arrivals and those who are there! Have patience or patience! However, when fatigue is extreme – when the subject is visible on the screen – they rest until a little patience. But there is no such exception for the cameraman. Falana celebrity going on a little while … another appointment can not find … shooting. But Godfrey is running the show, so he has no choice. Normal people do not understand how anchors are mentally exhausted in TV discussion programs. However, this chase is accompanied by your program – Physical Challenges … which makes the program runners more tired.

The sad thing is – even hours before the collapse, Godfrey kept saying, “I am very tired. But the staff there .. “Husband Brother. The program should be good for overreaction” – so that he was still ‘working’ to do it! When the subject tweeted that the netizens do not want this channel, this program does not! What? Lost life? Born in Taiwan, raised in Canada, and returning to China for a career – now a teenager – he was forced by the Channel crews to take some precautions. Read such events – at least if our channels are changed. Let’s put more work. When it comes to celebrity celebrities – the employee who works for the company must change the mindset of the dead!

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