“Tippara Meesam” on November 8th

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Srivishnu is the hero of the film after the hit of Descent like Brochevarevarura. Asura fame Vijay Krishna l. Under the direction of Rizwan Entertainment and Krishnavijay L Productions, the film is produced by the young producer Rizwan on the banner of Sri Home Cinemas. Terrific response to the movie teaser and trailers. Music provided by Suresh Bobbili entertains music listeners. Nikki Tamboli plays the heroine. After completing all the programs, the film is being released worldwide on November 8 as Global Wide by Global Cinemas. Hero Srivishnu, heroine Nikki Tamboli, director Krishnavijay.L, actor, presenter Achyuta Rama Rao, comedian Naveen, music director Suresh Bobbili, editor Dharmendra, songwriter Poornachary etc ..

Co-Producer Achyuta Rama Rao said … We are very confident that the film will be a good hit from Beginning. Artists and technicians are all very cooperative. In particular, hero Srivishnu and director Vijay have worked hard on the project. The film will be a plus for all of us. We will donate two lakhs to the Film Critics Associations on our behalf.

Producer Rizwan said that Vijay has done a very good job with the title of Tippara Mustache for the film. Vijay succeeds only when he chooses Srivishnu for this story. Srivishnu is selecting stories and making films. Consecutive hits. Vijay took care of everything and made the film. If Vijay Hart is the film, Pranam is Sri Vishnu. Both of them worked hard to make Day and Night. Achyuta Rama Rao and Khushi have been very supportive of me. Suresh Bobbili gave good music. Also, Sidhu gave beautiful visuals. Everybody enjoys the film. We are releasing the movie on November 8th.

Director Krishnavijay.yal said … Let me make a good movie. My friend Achyuta Rama Rao became Rizwan Join. Suresh Bobbili accompanied the fine tunes and Aarar did excellently. He wrote a whole lot of good lyrics. Srivishnu and Nikki did the Fantastic. This movie is like … everyone.

Heroine Nicky Tamboli says … Superb response to the trailer. I became a fan of Suresh Bobbili Music. My thanks to Rizwan for giving me the opportunity to act in this movie ..

Hero Srivishnu said .. After Vijay Asura, there are many offers. From then on our journey continues. We have produced two to three films to become a platform. I dressed up in tiny little outfits. After I made some better movies, I thought we would do two movies. Vijay has promised to make a film with me and now he is making this film with me. This is the concept oriented film. Released on November 8th. I want the audience to embrace the film.

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