Those Movies Are Break

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The Central Election Commission (PMEAC) has imposed restrictions on the release of Narendra Modi from biopic to NTR Lakshmi. In addition to the two films, the release of the film ‘Lion’, which was built as the theme of KCR’s life, also ceased. Electoral commissioners in a statement said that the release of their releases would be a good option if the films were not covered by the election code of conduct but they could have a particular political or leader or party benefit or damage. The decision was taken at the time of the electoral code being released because the release of the films was affecting the electoral process and the mindset of the electorate. The CEOs of the respective states have been reported to look at releasing these films across all the states. The decision was taken by the Election Commission after complaining of the release of these three films

Influence on voters …
Three commissioners have suggested that if the election code is in place, the parties would have positive and negative impact on the parties and the voters at the same time. In fact, despite the fact that the Election Code does not include movies in the Supreme Court, a case was registered in the Supreme Court between the Union Ministry of Commerce and Gemini TV in 2004, the case between the Central Government and the civil rights organization PUCUL in 2013 and the judgment of the court in the case of the trial of the case between Mohinder Singh and the Chief Election Officer in 1978 considering The release of all three films, said the decision to drop isukuni. Three commissioners have also reminded us that the Censor Board has been asked to consider the issue of permission for films in the background of the electoral code. In the representation of the public represent, the film is the subject of films. Not only in cinemas but also in electronic media, TV channels, magazines and other media, it does not broadcast clips of these movies.

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