This Much Walk Is Enough For Your Good Health!

This Much Walk Is Enough For Your Good Health!

The man must walk daily to be healthy. There is a calculation of how far it should go. It is estimated that every healthy person should walk at least 10,000 feet a day. It has always been popular in the health sector. Medical scientists say that people who walk 10,000 feet a day can live longer without getting sick or dying prematurely. However, what the latest researchers are saying is that … not so walkable!

This Much Walk Is Enough For Your Good Health! 1

If you want health, walk tens of thousands of feet every day – researchers have always said … but really walking 10 thousand feet is not that easy. Because, in this busy life we ​​have now, it is very difficult to walk 10 thousand feet every day. Walking at home … walking in the office … walking to and from the office … all inclusive – 10 thousand feet is not complete. Definitely need to devote some extra time to it.

Now with the advent of smart watches and devices like the Fit Bit, they are telling us how much we walk every day. So – it’s not a big deal to calculate how far we have walked. However, the latest development in research is that some people find that they do not have to walk 10,000 feet as expected! Tens of thousands are unnecessary. Walk seven thousand feet. Seven thousand means to walk at least seven thousand feet, not to walk exactly seven thousand feet. This is what new research says! A team of physical activity scientists called Emanda Poliz from Massachusetts found this to be the case.

This Much Walk Is Enough For Your Good Health! 2

In the past, however, it was difficult to calculate the number of feet a man walked on a daily basis. With the advent of devices it became easier. However – we cannot count every step taken by man as a complete step. Our feet are somewhat arched. Correctly taken steps count. That’s why doctors tell you to walk with your arms outstretched, especially when walking. They say that 7 thousand feet is enough to walk in such a polite manner. It is better to walk more than that, but after crossing 7 thousand feet, those extra feet will not be of much use … Weil also says that.

Well .. good … this is good news for all those who suffer from not being able to walk 10 thousand feet every day. The word that can be obtained healthily with less effort …. It is a matter of soothing the mind.

One word though. Science is constantly discovering new things with new experiments day by day. Hence the old things are eroded. Until then things that want to be true will turn into lies. Same weird!

Although there are many types of medical procedures in the world, most experiments are performed on allopathic medicine. However, inconsistent results due to unsustainable routine research are also more prevalent in this field. For example today scientists say that it is better to drink coffee. Drinking a cup of coffee every day is known to stave off cancer. Again tomorrow – drinking coffee is not good. Caffeine in coffee is known to be harmful. Also, all the experiments … until yesterday, if you walk 10 thousand feet, you will run … now they say that only 7 thousand feet will suffice. Tomorrow … it’s not enough to go 12 thousand feet. People are confused by these ever-changing results. No matter how great the modern medical approach – is it not wrong to think that a lack of consistency in this knowledge is a flaw in it! However – now it is enough to walk seven thousand feet … the same ten thousand … that people can relax!

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