This Movie Is A Hit, Whatever Be The Result

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What if the movie is a hit? Make a great movie. There is nothing in our hands that gets hit. Good luck all together and it should be a hit. The film was then a hit. However, the filmmakers have invented a new way without much trouble. The movie was a hit. If someone asks tomorrow what movie it is, it’s a short cut to proudly say that it was a hit!

Vishwaksen launches as a hero on Wallposter movie banner at Natural Star Nani’s Summer

Natural star Nani, who won the film with a variety of films as a hero, won an image. As part of the process of anchoring new talent, a banner called Wallposter Cinema was launched in the first attempt by a different movie like “A!” On Thursday, the new film `Hit` Pooja ‘was completed as the Wallposter Film Production No. 2 in Hyderabad. Vishwak Sen has been cast as the hero in this film which has been released as a remake. Rouhani Sharma plays the heroine.

Shailesh is making his directorial debut with this film. The film is being produced by Prasanthi Trippirne in Nani’s presentation. Music by Vivek Sagar and cinematography by S. Manikandan. The film unit has announced that the cast and technicians will be giving the details soon.

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