This is the first Andhra Channel!


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If a state has emerged there will be a lot of changes with it. New new media outlets are emerging. The Telangana state is split apart and we have seen some channels working for Telangana. However, due to the lack of livelihood in Andhra Pradesh, there are limited access to Hyderabad. However, in the next two or three years, there is no doubt that the number of people going from Hyderabad to Amravati is high. Once governance and political momentum is no longer a deficit for media work. So far, Amravati and Andhra Politics ignore some of the less-preferred channels that are in turn and are now looking forward to. Some Telangana channels have been created for Telangana – some new channels are created for Andhra Pradesh in Andhra Pradesh. Such a channel has been annoying the latest ads. Posting videos with strange anecdotes with news presenters with their anchors on YouTube. The channel AP 24/7 also called various political personalities and celebrated the opening ceremony.
It is normal to invite all political parties to a new channel. It is common for the leaders to come out without calling the media. Chandra Babuni from Rashtrapati Bhavan, Bodhsani from Opposition and Raghuvirani was invited from the Congress for the opening ceremony of AP 24/7. Have not invited you There is no invitation to the Leader of the Opposition. But did you still welcome me? Why not? Did not come for a walk Has not he come to see that the channels of this channel seem to be hiding in the ruling party? – It is natural to have such doubts as those seen by the Andhra 24/7 invitee. Anyway, this channel is trying to persuade it to be the first Andhra Channel in Andhra. Further Channels are also coming in Andhra in the backdrop of a short period of one year for General Elections.

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