This Is ‘Okadu’, Not ‘Okkadu’

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Once Mahesh Babu got a big hit with ‘Okkadu’. Now another movie is coming with such a name. The hero’s name is Akhil Reddy.But This is not ‘Okkadu’ but ‘Okadu’.

This one has no clue. Not to say that the hit is hard enough – the cinema interface is quite plain.

Akhil Reddy’s new movie ‘Okaudu’ with Muttiah and Somaraju Kalyani under the direction of Krishna Chaitanya on the banner of Aruna-Kalyani Talkies at Ramanaid Studio. What started out as a formality. Shekhar gave the master clap to the scene of the scene .. Sathya Master switched on the camera. The script was provided by BVS Ravi. On this occasion director Krishnachaitanya said, “This is my first film. I work with a very experienced team. Great music director Manisarma Garu is composing the music for the film. Regular shooting of the film will begin on August 15th or 16th as a thriller subject with Real Incident. We are completing the film in 5 schedules. Ramoji Film The shoot will be held in the city and surrounding areas of Kakinada. ”

Producer Muttiah said, “We are coming up with a new story very soon. I can confidently say that this ‘Oru’ will give a good message to the audience. Hero Akhil Reddy said, ‘This is my first film. Happy to be introduced with a good script. Every scene in the film is set to be a psychological thriller. Every moment is like creating tension for the audience. I hope to give it a try. ”

Heroine Deepika Vadani said: ‘I’m happy to be in the script. I think it is going to be a success. ” Heroine Deepali Sharma said, “Thank you to the producers who gave me the opportunity. I want to make this film a thriller element.

Akhil Reddy, Deepika Vaddani and Deepali Sharma are the heroines of the film. Producers: Sandha Muttiah, Somaraju Kalyani, Line Producer: V. Padmanabham, Music: Manisharma, DOP: S. Murali Mohan Reddy, Dialogues: Pawan Atsala, Lyrics: Srimani, Editor: SR. Shekhar, Stunts: Subub, Art: P.S. Verma, Publicity Designer: Ishwar Ande, Production Executive: Subub, Co Directors: J.V. Krishna Reddy, Sarath Kumar. Story- Screenplay-Direction: Krishna Chaitanya.

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