Think before buying a Xiaomi Phone!


Xioami Phone which was well known as China Apple Phone. Series like Xioami Redmi Note, Note plus, 3S, 4S.. etc came into market and got huge craze among the buyers. These phones has MIUI OS with android base. They also have huge fan base around world wide. But researchers say that these phones are more dangerous than normal phones in terms of radiation. Using through Phone mobile data these phones expose high radiation when data-based WiFi is given. We can also must say these phones sometimes blasted too. Mainly we can talk an incident which took place in Bangalore recently where this Xioami phone was blasted and that video gone viral in social media. One person took this phone to home. The SIM card was not fitting for him so he brought back to the shop for this issue. As the technician tried, there came fire and the phone exploded. No one was injured in that incident but everyone was shocked. Latest rumors says that China is stealing our data from this phone. Anyway, if anyone wants to buy these phones- think twice.

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